About Dutchess

I’m a naturally born gifted spiritual adviser. A twin flame and soul mate reader. 

I inherited my psychic ability at a very young age and I’m considered to be an indigo child.  I am one of many in my family that uses my gift to help guide others. With or without tools I am capable of tapping into a persons life thru energy and voice vibration. With just as little as a name and date of birth I immediately know what’s going on.  The less they say the stronger their reading.

My expertise is love, career, finance, or any questions a person may have, giving them the answers and clarity they need to help change their life for the better.

I specialize in picking up on ones inner spirits, love, and relationships.

I am able to help guide and direct all walks of life and help conquer any obstacles in the way.

Together we can manifest peace and positivity.